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This feeling I have for the Cancer is and will remain platonic. I am head over heals with a Taurus man I have just met. He texts and phones constantly and the electricity between us is amazing. I have a dilemma. He is married and I am not at ease with this at all. It is not in my nature to cause harm to anyine. Even for my own gain, yet the connection I feel keeps pulling me towards him. I believed Taurus were very faithful.

I do know he has been married many years and this is out of character for him. What do you guys suggest I do. I cannot get him out of my head. I am a Scorpio woman, who has just entered a relationship with a Taurus man.. I am absolutely head over heels for him. He kisses me, and my icy exterior melts… there are no words to describe it. The day after seeing him, I feel like Im hungover, he is totally intoxicating to me. I have recently gotten out of an almost 5 year relationship with a Scorpio Man, and to be honest, this Taurus has more passion and life in him than that Scorpio male ever did..

But, I also caught my Scorpio male messing around with a married woman at work, and he fell in love with her Frickin Libra But yes, I have had my revenge on both of them, he tried to get revenge on me, but, being a Scorpio woman and he always underestimated me I am always one step ahead. Long story short, her husband now knows about the affair and is one step ahead of her… she has no clue that he knows..

Hell hath no fury, like that of a Scorpio Womans Scorn! But back to my wonderful new Taurus.. He is so sweet and understanding.. I totally know he is into me, I can tell by the way he looks, touches and kisses me, that he totally desires me.. I just have an overwhelming urge to take care of him, he is such a hard worker, raises his two children, and I just think he needs a good woman to care for him, I think he would be the type of man that would appreciate coming home to a hot meal and a clean house..

I am just so totally drawn to him.. He is also very attentive.. One thing I can say for the men that I have had in my life time, is that they never forget me. But how can you really ever forget a Scorpio Woman? I used to find Taurus men very needed, and never wanted to start relationships with them, they totally scared me off, but with this one, it was totally different, and I will be honest and say, that us getting together was totally my doing, I made the first move.

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I totally adore him.. He really has no clue as to how lucky he really is.

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I foresee good things from this realtionship. But i hurd that taurus guys are the 1s that suffer more than us in a break up. That they dont 4 get what happens either is that true?

This is how to attract a Taurus man in 5 steps:

In our case, our conflicts usually stem from his need to control just about everything. We are both competitive, but sometimes err on the side of competing with each other. And yes, taurus is sensitive and single-minded. Its like it takes so much to perforate that practical, thick skinned exterior that anything that actually does get through necessarily cuts deep. However, my experience has been that they do listen and truly care to mend things. At least that has been my experience. I wasnt happy with my self n suffer quiet a bit of depression.

He was tha most sweetest guy.

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He would kiss my neck and and always hold my hand. I would say i couldnt but he wouldnt tke no 4 an ansewer. The sweetest guy ay, he would do so much 4 me. I couldnt believe he was the only guy that made me feel that way. When Lee and I met he was a total sweetheart, he always knew what I needed without me saying a word and I took care of him, we spent so much time together he ended up living with me. There was an instant connection on both sides and we could not be apart.

I dated him for a long time before I called him my man or let him near my bed. After a while he started separating me from my family, friends, etc. The more time he demanded the more I gave to him because I was falling deep. He would accuse me of looking at other men, talking to other men, always trying to catch me out but there was nothing he could have ever found because there was nothing to find. He would go through my phone, my belongings. This consistently happened over a long period of time..

He tried to get with a gorgeous girl. I read all their conversations and although he chose me over her months before I found out.. It crushed me. I ended it, I called him and said I wanted his stuff out by the time I got home, he was no longer entitled to any part of my life..

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And he needed to be gone. He tried lying to me at first about the potential cheating and we had a really violent argument, a lot of things got broken.


Because he hit me, threatened me, broke my stuff I got the police involved, he was put in a cell and he received a caution — because he had no previous convictions. Eventually he came to my house, started yelling up to my balcony. I told him where to stick it. He came clean about everything.

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In the time we were broken up, a man from my past came back into my life, the wonders of facebook, Adam admitted he was waiting for my relationship with Lee to end before approaching me. And I was still saying no to Adam even though he was single at that time. In my eyes, he was still my friend, a shoulder to cry on and I cried and cried. I loved him with all my heart so I took him back; I ended my friendship with Adam for Lee because he was paranoid of Adam fancying me.

I was genuinely happy again. We lived near central London and decided to move closer to his family, so we were going to east London which is a rough area. I wanted it to stop. Soon after, I found he had been flirting with more girls too, I felt stuck. I told him he needed to get a job, he needed to stop acting single and treat me with respect if he wanted to keep me, if he wanted other women or to be free to just let me go.

A Taurus Men in Love Is Loyal

He became more abusive, tried getting me pregnant by hiding my pills silly boy I got more, locking me in our room, threatening to burn my clothes if I managed to get out, he hit me, and he was always watching me, 2 steps ahead of me. We had 1 set of keys, 1 phone, 1 oyster card London travel card , 1 bank account — his, I lost mine because he got me into too much debt. No matter how many times I tried to leave him, he would prevent me, either physically or through threats and find a way back in.

So I finally asked, am I a mug?